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Birthdate:Jul 14
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Fresh faced, young, dumb and tragically convinced that blind faith could make an infantile normative playground theory of social interaction positive enough to show them all, but alas...

I'm a vegan, I'm a trade unionist, and I'm in the Green Party. I don't have a beard. Go figure.

I'm a pro-choiceveganstraight-edgefeminist who loves to dance. I'm heavily involved in LRP, do CrossFit and care a lot about politics. I can't decide whether I'm a social anarchist or a libertarian socialist. I'm not entirely sure it matters.

People sometimes call me the Enemy of Fun (what with not drinking alcohol, eating meat or dairy or eggs, smoking etc. etc.) or a Battle Vegan. I'm happy with either, but Joe is probably a better one to use all round...

Up-to-date contact details are locked here

Don't buy me anything from here, you'll only scare me.

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